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Our team of family solicitors Swansea and Llanelli appreciate that delicate issues require a different approach, with understanding and patience the key to resolving a number of family problems. Whether you require advice on separation, divorce, civil partnerships, cohabitation, issues around children, or financial, our help and advice will be uniquely tailored to your specific situation.

We will listen to every detail of your issue and apply our knowledge and expertise to quickly help resolve your dispute, disagreement or relationship problem. At all times our team will be sympathetic to your circumstances.

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With your best interests and future at heart, we always go the extra mile to ensure that you and your family’s interests are protected.

Some of the issues we can help with include:

  • Divorce Advice
  • Civil Partnership Law
  • Cohabitation Rights
  • Care Proceedings
  • Child Custody Rights
  • Domestic Abuse/Violence
  • Family Mediation Services
Helping you overcome the relationship breakdown through divorce

If your marriage breakdown has become irretrievable, you can file for divorce. At this stage you may take the necessary legal steps and we will provide personal, tailored help and advice to progress your divorce procedures.

There may be a number of reasons to file for divorce, including the following:

  • Adultery by your spouse
  • Your spouse’s behaviour
  • Desertion
  • Separation for two years (with consent)
  • Separation for five years (without consent)
You won’t be able to apply for a divorce unless you have been married for at least a year, and you or your spouse must have been resident in England or Wales for at least six months, or if you or your spouse reside in a country which is part of the European Union.
Please note that this is just a brief explanation about the legalities of divorce and is not intended to be a substitute for professional legal assistance from qualified divorce solicitors relative to your circumstances.
Child care proceedings and social services

Paton & Carpenter also specialise in providing child care proceedings advice and other child care law advice. We are accredited by The Law Society for both Children Law and Family Law and our team of solicitors are proactive in providing focused, child-centred advice during what is usually very difficult circumstances.

There for victims of domestic violence

It is a disturbing fact that many women, children, and also men, simply put up with domestic violence in their relationships. In reality, most victims of domestic abuse are too scared to seek help or advice. If you feel you are in a distressing or frightening situation at home, our experienced and professional solicitors can give you the assistance you need, in complete confidence and without any pressure.

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